Thursday, 1 October 2020

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“FOL has been formulated to improve our chances for a healthier life, to mitigate the chances of free radical damage and reduce the impact of reactive oxygen species”.

Specifically developed for women and men, this formulation captures the power of the Picea Abies extract from the Norwegian Spruce with its incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory propertie

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

What's the best and quickest way to find a job?

Here I am going to share my personal experience for finding a job for my friend who had only 1-year experience in Civil engineering field and got fired from previous company. As it's not easy to get a lateral entry for a Civil engineer especially girl, having less than 3-5 years of work experience in a specific field and no decent college. Still, she managed to get the job offers from various organizations within a period of 18-20 days. Maybe most of the job seekers in this groups are aware of it but I feel like sharing this so that it can be helpful for others. Here are the following things which I did:-
  1. I made an eye-catcher Linkedin profile of her. For that initially I reviewed several profiles on Linkedin and learned  about Cloud Hosting + Business Email how people have made it look stand out from the crowd. For writing well intended contain, I took help from . I followed each and every guideline which is given in this link to write the profile. I opted premium version of LinkedIn, which is free to use for a month. Premium version helped me to make the connection faster as there is no limit to send connection invitation.
  2. Initially we made a list of 46 reputed companies in the Civil field. we followed them. Then we sent the invitation to their employees who are either HR or on senior-level post who can refer to their organization. We removed the non-Civil person or who are at the entry level(less than 3 years exp). This is because either they used to send the unnecessary text to flirt or fill the feed with unwanted posts. It helped us to focus more on the job-related information.
  3. Then I understood the difference between CV and resume and made both of them carefully and understood when using which. You can have a look at this:. It took 2 complete days to give an attractive shape in completing resume and CV. This is the most important part which one must care. Before emailing her resume/ CV I always asked the recruiter what actually they need.
  4. Initially we started looking at the feed of Linkedin where we found that most of the recruiters were posting jobs and asked email resume/CV. She emailed her resume to the mentioned email ID by writing a proper subject and cover later in the mail. The subject line plays important role in getting resume shortlisted. So she wrote it in the following format:
    Resume/CV, Name, Post for which applying.
    Name, Resume/CV, Referred by Mr. X for Y post
    After that, we not only liked their post but also commented in the comment section properly. One should never comment like "interested" only. Always describe your interest in the comment section. It shows how interested you are to work in the estimated organization. The recruiters found your interest towards opening then they will specially open your resume and if they found your profile suitable for the particular job then they will call you for sure. Before emailing your resume always write in the mail about your name, experience and why you are interested in a particular job. Never start writing only with "Dear". Start writing with Respected Sir/Ma'am. Choose simple and proper words without grammatical errors. If everything went well then the recruiter will open your resume and will show interest in reading it.
  5. Initially she wasn't getting calls from the desired organization. Then we switch to the Job section of Linkedin and applied to company portal through. But she rarely got calls as most of the companies do look for experienced at least 3-5 years. We tried to contact the HR's but got no response.
  6. Then we write a proper request format. This was the best step for us. we started sending personal texts to 30-35 members daily. We got very few replied and most of them were flirting as it was a girl's Linkedin handle. Few of them asked for the resume but never revert back. Again we improved our language in that text and kept sending to new members from my connection. Following are the most improved format which we used and got an awesome response from recruiters:
  7. Respected Sir/Ma'am,
    I am an adaptable recent college graduate (GPA) B.Tech Civil Engineering from "college name". I had the privilege of working for "previous company" as an Engineering Trainee for 1 year where I learned valuable professional skills such as "list of skills which she knew and add those which were very much required for the particular organization". While working on Technical skills I also learned some organizational and management skills.
    Sir/Ma'am, I am very much interested in working with your esteemed organization.
    Please let me know if there are any openings for civil engineers. I will appreciate your consideration for a job opportunity in your organization.
    Thanks! "
  8. As days were passing she was getting a really amazing response from the members of Linkedin. We always kept on Improving language cover letter in the mail as well. She was continuously changing the content on the resume as per the job description. Finally, she successfully become able to show her dedication to a particular job. Most of them appreciated the interest which she showed in mail/resume. They started referring her to various organization.
  9. After getting a number of referrals we decided to stopped texting to new members and I suggested her to prepare for the interview. Preparation for each and every interview was different. Initially, I suggested her to prepare for each and every word which I used in a base resume, CV in details. Then she prepared about all the projects which she had done in the previous job. For that, she especially practiced expressing the work which she did. Before interviewing to a particular company, I asked her to read the history, work, and technology. I also told her to prepare for those terms which were given in job description.
  10. As we all know is the first impression is the last impression. So, prepare very well for the very first question tell me about yourself. This should be in proper format. I suggested her to use the following which I used during my campus placement:
    "I am "name". I am from "place". I am graduated and my highest qualification is in Civil Engineering. Recently I am working in "company" as a "designation". My core competency lies in my ability to learn quickly and team management skills. I've got a good edge over my peers with a good command of communication skills. For my technicals, I'm quite comfortable with (Area of interest) with quite a good knowledge at (AOI). If I talk about my family background. I am from a normal family background. My father is an "occupation" and my mother is an "occupation". As a person, I'm ambivert in nature and get comfortable with the surroundings if I join the organization I'll be an asset not only in terms of my technical skills rather be a good team player and an active employee. I am fond of...."Hobbies".."
    If the beginning is good of an interview then it will boost confidence. The rest of the interview will go smooth. If you don't know the answer to any question then never try to manipulate your interviewer. If will create a really bad impression and will become a cause of your rejection. Instead of telling a wrong or manipulated answer always tell like:
    "Sir, I don't know the answer of this particular question as I don't have ample amount of knowledge about this particular field but I am interested in this particular topic and I will excel myself for sure.
    Ending of an interview is very important. If interviewer gives you a chance to ask a question then never say no. Always asked a one or two relevant questions which reflect your interest to join that organization.
    At the end, I want to sum up this. My friend did a hard work and seriously followed my advice and within a period of 18-20 days she got a number of interview calls and got jobs in 6 organizations and still getting interview calls. Now she has started her new job as an assistant manager. The interesting thing is that she has reached this designation with having only an experience of 1 year.
Congratulating her!